Published works

'Tooth Decay and Other Stories' Dreams and Clouds

'The City' Horror  Story Behind Locked Doors Anthology Wicked East Press

'Night Watcher' Horror Micro Story MicroHorror

'Death Be Done' Horror Micro Story Micro Horror

'Sinking' Horror Short Story Oh the Horror Anthology Static Movement

'They Know' Horror Short Story Undertaker Tales Anthology NorGus Press

'They Crawled' Horror Short Story The Cynic Online Magazine March 2010

'Stuffed' Bizarro Short Story Like Frozen Statues of Flesh, A Bizarro Anthology Static Movement

'In Twenty Years I Will be Yours' Poem Static Poetry Anthology Static Movement

'White Rabbits and Clowns Oh My!' Bizzaro Short Story Soul Survivors Hometown Tales Vol 1 Anthology Knight Press

'Red' Horror Short Dusted Anthology Static Movement

'They Crawled' Creepy things Anthology Static Movement Anthology

'Writing for Yourself' Non-Fiction motivational article House of Horror Ezine Issue 14

'Death Comes in Pieces' Horror Short House of Horror 12th Issue

'Skin Care' Caught by Darkness Anthology Static Movement

'Inspector Goodstone and the Case of the Murdered Artist' Mystery Short Story Black Latern Publishing

'The Ocean and my Feet' Horror Short The House of Horror Best of 2009 Anthology House of Horror

'GOREgous' Horror Poem Demon Minds 2008 Hallloween Anthology

'I Smelled It' Horror Short Static Movement Jan 2010 Issue

'The Plane Ride Home' Horror Short Static Movement Oct 2008 Issue

'Phase shift' Science Fiction Short Another Time Time Travel Anthology by Static Movement

'Story that Thrills to Death' Horror Short Mirror Online Magazine May 2009

'He ran with Fear' Fiction Flash Shine an Online Flash Journal Jan 2009 Issue

'Bite This' Horror novella Sonar4 Publications

'Demon Alley:10 Shorts based on your favorite urban legends' Short Story Collection Sonar4 Publications

'fertile grounds ' Horror Short Story SNM Mag July 2009 Issue

'Mary' Horror Short Mausoleum Memoirs Anthology by House or Horror

'The Secret Life of Hank Wilson' Horror Short Static Movement July 2009 Issue

'Practice Makes Perfect' Fantasy/Horror Flash Pagan Imagination July 2009

'Turnpike' Horror Short Demonic Tome Dec 2008 Issue

'The Ocean and my Feet' Horror Short House of Horror Ezine Issue 1 2009

'Tooth Decay' Horror Short TMND March 2009 Issue

'Grown' Twisted Tongue Issue 13 2009

'The Club of Elite Gentlemen' Kindle Vella

'No Soul Left" Kindle Vella

Scattered Verses Moonlight Curses (collection of Poetry by various poets) 4-6 poems, poems written by Shells Walter: 'GOREgous', 'Island of Death', 'I am a Rack', 'Last Day on Earth' by TMND May 2009

'Dead Practices' Horror Novella Sonar4 Publications 2010

The Dark Macabre Choose your own Fate of Horror co-writing with other authors being published by Sonar4 Publications Nov 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror 2009 Horror Anthology-Stories: The Traveler, Demon Alley. Oct 2009

Upcoming Works

Unglued: The next in the Dead Practices Series (Put on hold)

The Vixen: A Bizarro Novel (Put on Hold)

Writings that have Jack the Ripper in them


'The Secret Life of Hank Wilson' Horror Short Static Movement July 2009 Issue

'I Smelled It' Horror Short Static Movement Jan 2010 Issue

Non Fiction

Jack the Ripper Bio Serial Killer Mag

Non-Fiction other works

The Red Spider Bio Serial Killer Mag

1800's Serial Killers Serial Killer Mag

Serial Killers Vs Spree Killers Vs Mass Murderers Serial Killer Mag

Bloody Benders Serial Killer Mag

Armin Meiwes Serial Killer Mag

Henry Lee Lucas Serial Killer Mag

'What about E-books' a non-fiction article for On Writing Anthology by Odd Mind Magazine's Lesa Trapp