Tuesday, August 18, 2009

small excerpt from upcoming book Dead Practices

Giving a small excerpt from the rough version of Dead Practices coming out in 2010 from sonar4 publications:

“Hey Jerrod, it’s Rusty. I’ve got a case for you.” Rusty’s deep voice was known throughout the police station. It was also considered too low for a zombie’s voice.

“What you got?” Jerrod moved his right hand around to make sure it didn’t get stiff.

“Hold on, hate these stupid phones, fingers always sticking to them and falling off.” Jerrod nodded in agreement with Rusty. He knew too well about human phones being sticky.

“Okay, got my fingers back into place, well as best as they can be. This superglue doesn’t work like it use to.” A sigh was heard from the other end.

“You’re right and it’s one thing I’m bringing up at the next Zombie council meeting. Since we have to work in a human civilization and with their equipment, we should have something to keep our body parts together.” Jerrod’s tone was harsh. One thing he didn’t like was prejudice against Zombie members.

“I hear ya. But anyways, back to the case I was talking about.”

“Is it another Human case?” Silence.


“Yes, okay, it’s another Human case.”

“You know I hate those,” Jerrod said, pacing around the floor making sure his feet didn’t knock any chair legs apart.

“Yes, you’re the best criminal attorney, Zombie or not,” Rusty pushed.

“You mean I’m one of the few lawyers that will take this case at all?” Jerrod spat into the phone, some maggots hit the receiver.

“Well, that too. I’m sorry. I couldn’t think of anyone else.”

“I’m surprised you think at all with only half a brain left.”

“You would be surprised at what these implants can do,” Rusty laughed.

“And I’m sure everyone enjoys half your brain not being there,” Jerrod joked back.

“They deal. They have to now. It’s the law. They can’t make fun of us anymore. Besides, who’s to say one of us won’t revert to the old ways and take a nibble or two out of them?”

Jerrod laughed at Rusty’s comment. It had been years since Zombies had eaten any humans. Jerrod’s father and great-grandfather had made sure that Zombies and Humans could live side by side.


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