Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bite This and Dead Practices on Sale!

Victor is a man of God. He became a Priest to help people and with his faith, he thought he was doing just that.

Until one day he meets a stranger. As normal, this person needs help and Victor is right there to give that help.

However, this is no ordinary stranger. In fact, he's not even human, but a vampire. Through the interaction Victor soon realizes that maybe his faith isn't enough to deal with this, maybe it never was. Now with what he used to think wasn't real, is.

Can he get through this? Will his faith be enough or will the vampire take a bite out of who he was?

Rob Shelsky of Novel Spot says, " Shells Walter really knows how to spin a suspenseful and intriguing tale! There is still a strong element of horror and gore in Bite This, as there should be in any good vampire tale, but it is nicely balanced by the likeability of the characters. I found it easy to identify even with some of the vampires!"

House of Horror Ezine says, "A dark tale of love and faith in a world where evil walks free, Bite This is a great and easy read, making us realise that no matter how much faith or love we hold in our hearts, it cant always save us from fate that lurks around the corner."

Uk, Us and Canadian Residents Only
Bite This by Shells Walter $7.00 Print Ed

Jerrod is a lawyer just like any other lawyer; there is only one exception- he is a zombie or more like what is considered a Zombie Citizen.

Zombies have been converted into Zombie Citizens so that they can live with regular people, IE humans. But someone wants to change the zombies back to the way they were, and possibly take over anything they can. The hitch- it is a client of Jerrod's.

Jerrod and his friend, a police officer named Rusty who is also a Zombie Citizen, try and stop this craziness from happening through a wild adventure that also includes a lot of super-glue.

Praise for Dead Practices

Dead Practices kept me entertained and enthralled as it moved towards its exciting and unexpected ending.
- Brian L Porter
Award Winning Author of A Study in Red - The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper .

I recommend Dead Practices for the future fans of Romero. .
- .

It's fun, entertaining, and different from anything else you'll ever read. .
-Dollar Bin Horror

Dead Practices is fast paced and entertaining and Shells Walter is a name to remember.
-Shannon Riley Southern Rose Productions

Dead Practices has heart.
-Heather Faville

It was thoroughly enjoyable.
-Author Matthew Nord

Uk, Us and Canadian Residents Only
Dead Practices by Shells Walter $9.00 Print Ed

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